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 11 Jan 2004          Beta version of site launched
 8 Mar 2004           Taken by surprise to discover that my site URL had been unexpectedly disclosed.
                            My fault - One G&T too many perhaps!
 14 Mar 2004         1. Knaresborough Wills - Series H, I, K, L, M and N now available. Total of 274 Wills.
                            2. Newspaper extracts in respect of names pre 1900 available for A.  Working on B.
                                I will take enquiries/lookups on ANY of the names on both of these pages - Contact Me.
                            3. History of The Stray now available.
 19 Mar 2004          Knaresborough Wills - Series O now available. Total of 352 Wills now uploaded.
                             The Index is now getting very large. I would appreciate it if somebody with a non-broadband
                             connection could time the loading of this Index and let me know.
 27 Mar 2004          1. Thanks to those who contacted me in respect of the loading time of the Wills index. I will
                                 be splitting the index into 3 in the very near future.
                             2. Knaresborough Wills - Now uploading Series P. By the end of the w/e there will be
                                 468 Wills available.
                             3. Newspaper extracts (<1900) for names U and Y uploaded. Still working on B !  Have not received
                                 any requests for 'look-ups' so must assume you are content with what is here.
                             4. Will soon be putting up pictures from my postcard collection. Any preferences to get 
                                 the ball rolling - Churches? Hotels? Public buildings? They will have associated history included.
                                 Suggestions please.
                             5. Search page tidied up.
 29 Mar 2004           Newspaper extracts <1900 for names V uploaded.
 4 Apr 2004             1. Forum now activated.
                              2. Knaresborough Wills Series P now totally uploaded.
                              3. Newspaper extracts for B now complete. I will extract on the next requested initial.
 5 Apr 2004             Knaresborough Wills Q Series now added to index. The 82 Wills will be uploaded over the next
                              few days. When complete there will then be 550 Wills on the site.
 22 Apr 2004           1. Newspaper extracts for C now complete.
                             2. Extract for DANIEL and MASON done by request of Mary March - The only person to take
                                  up my offer.
                             3. Further 37 (Q Series) Wills uploaded.
 27 Apr 2004           1. FAQ page tidied up and now functional.
                             2. Newspaper extracts for D now being added.
                             3. Index for R Series Wills being added to the main Wills index. A glimpse of what is to come !

1 May 2004             1. Newspaper extracts for D and E now available. G currently being uploaded.
                              2. R Wills currently being uploaded.
                              3. Discussion Board to be discontinued. There appears to be no interest in this facility.

9 May 2004             1. R Series Wills now totally uploaded.
                              2. Newspaper extracts for G still being uploaded.
                              3. Hollins's Handbook for Harrogate, 1866 uploaded

13 May 2004            1. S Series Wills index now added - Uploading of the 47 Wills commencing.
                              2. Finished uploading newspaper extracts for G surnames. 

19 May 2004            1. Wills Index now split up, by letter, as it had become much too big and slow to load. Please feed
                                   back any problems to me.
                              2. T Series Wills index now added.
                              3. Am requesting help - Please see either X or Z in Wills Index
20 May 2004            S Series Wills now uploaded - 660 Knaresborough Wills now available.
25 May 2004             T Series Wills now uploaded  -  735 Wills now available.

9 June 2004             Back from a great short break to Durham and completed a much promised all day exploration
                               of Beamish - This has got to be a must for all overseas visitors to 'the North'.
                              Thanks to those who have sent me some census material. I will be responding individually.
                               Indexes for U, V & W Series Wills now added. Wills to follow.
                               Newspaper extracts for H surnames nearly all uploaded.
                               Serious Note  -  Everything now being uploaded cannot now be indexed and found through
                               the 'Search' system as I have now exceeded the 32Mb allowance on FreeFind. Hopefully
                               I will be able to overcome this problem in the next few weeks.

12 June 2004            Newspaper extracts for H surnames (pre 1900) now completely uploaded.
                               U Series Wills being uploaded. This will add a further 116 Wills to the collection.

17 June 2004            Pre 1900 newspaper extracts for I and J surnames now uploaded.
                               80 of the U Series Wills uploaded.
                               New Forum being trialed by Alan

22 June 2004            All 116 of the U Series now uploaded. Total of 851 Wills now available.
                               Pre 1900 newspaper extracts for K uploaded.

1 July 2004               Pre 1900 newspaper extracts for L surnames now uploaded.

12 July 2004             Pre 1900 newspaper extracts for M surnames now completely uploaded.
                               Hurrah! Another person has joined the Forum - that now makes 2 !!   I don't think there will
                               be much talking and exchange of information/views at this pace ! 

16 July 2004             Pre 1900 newspaper extracts for N surnames uploaded.
                               No requests received from anybody, so I will plod on the way I'm going - Does anybody
                               read this newsroom information ? 

19 July 2004             Newspaper extracts for the O surnames now uploaded.
                               Hurrah!  Dave Teal reads these update notes !

30 July 2004             Newspaper extracts for the P and Q surnames uploaded.

17 August 2004        Newspaper extracts for the R surnames finally completed and uploaded.
                              Still no requests for anything different (perhaps you had enough of the Wills ?) so I will
                              press on with newspaper extracts for letter S.
                              There are a few more of the Cumberland Clark 'poems' uploaded - enjoy!
                              Thanks to those who have contributed to the Discussion Forum - I'm especially indebted to
                              Alan Longbottom who is contributing new material from Leeds newspapers.

8 October 2004        Back in business after a short holiday and the downloading of over 4,000 images from The Times
                              archive and the 1891 Census. 
                              FreeFind have now tripled my indexing limit to 96Mb for which I am most grateful - I highly
                              recommend this firm to anybody seeking an indexing solution for their website.

6 November 2004    Newspaper extracts for the S Surnames now uploaded.
                             Trial of the 1891 Census to start on 10th November. Feedback will be welcomed.


20 December 2004   All newspaper extracts pre-1900 now uploaded.
                               Newspaper extracts 1900-1950 now starting to load - commencing with letter Z
                               and working backwards !
                               Xmas greetings to all who read the newsroom snippets and all the best for 2005 - please keep
                               coming back for all the fascinating 'goodies' to be uploaded in the forthcoming year.

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